Admission Board

We are an academic residential college made up of students, scholars, old collegians and staff members.

Admission into Basic 7 (JSS1)

Resources for Parents and Guardians

Admission Steps

College Administrative Office

Obtain an Entrance Examination from the College Administrative office. Fill the sections therein appropriately and affix a passport photograph each on the required portions of the form.


Ensure that the “RECOMMENDATION BY HEAD TEACHER” section is duly signed and stamped by the Head Teacher. Return the form to the College before the date of the entrance examination. Candidates must report in the College at 8am for accreditation prior to the commencement of Examination at 9am.


Date of release of Examination results and Interview will be made known to the candidates on the entrance examination day. Date of release of Interview results/Collection of admission letter and prospectus will be announced to the candidates/parents on Interview day.

Prospective Students can also apply online


St. Gregory’s College,

South-West Ikoyi,

Lagos, Nigeria




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