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St. Gregory’s College

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The Catholic Church believes education is an integral part of her God-given mission on earth and in faithfulness to this mission has worked determinedly over the centuries to establish educational institutions across the world. The Church,in her wisdom, views education as essential in preparing her children for what they must be and for what they must do tofully realize the will of God as they work to care for God’s creation- the sublime purpose for which they were created.

In following the same path, the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos has over the years established different formaleducational institutions ranging from primary to secondary schools, college of education and university. Currently theArchdiocese boasts of a total of over thirty nursery and primary schools, fourteen secondary schools, three skillacquisition centres and two tertiary institutions (a College of Education and a University). 

Some of these institutions are coeducational while others are not; and to the glory of God, St. Gregory’s College,founded 27th January, 1928 (92 years ago) is the oldest of all the schools in the Archdiocese. 

We are grateful to God for the life of the College and all those who have, at different times, managed the affairs ofthe College and for the beautiful crop of “Gregorians” who have graduated from it. We pray to God to continuously blessthe College and all those associated with it. Amen.

Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martin

Metropolitan Archbishop of Lagos and College Proprietor.

Our Mission
To train students for excellence and leadership positions in all areas of human endeavour and to produce gentlemen that are neither deficient in learning nor in character, in the society.nd we are good at what we do.
Our Vision
Our vision is spelt out in our College motto: Pro Fide et Scientia (for Faith and Knowledge). As a Catholic Institution of repute, we bring up students with the fear of God and unmatched quest for excellence, and we are good at what we do.
Our Values

In St. Gregory’s College, we hold dear the words of Francois Rabelais that, “A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be lit”. In this light.


Our History

The history of St. Gregory’s College, Lagos is divided into the former and later years of her existence. The former years of her existence were the years when she was known as St. Gregory’s Grammar School. St. Gregory’s Grammar School was established solely throughthe efforts of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos on 12th March, 1882 on Igbosere Road, Lagos and named after Pope St.Gregory the Great (540-604). This great citadel of learning metamorphosed from St. Gregory’s Grammar School to St.Gregory’s College on 27th January, 1928. The change of appellation from “Grammar School” to “College” was in compliancewith the policy of the then British Colonial Government. The Archdiocese of Lagos also relocated the College to a vastexpanse of land acquired by Bishop Ferdinand Terrien at SW Ikoyi axis of Lagos, formerly known as Ikoyi Plains. Today,St. Gregory’s College has developed into a unique institution sought after by discerning minds who seek to partake ofits qualitative education planked on the philosophy of educating “the whole of the human person:” his intellect, hisheart, his will, his physique, his character and lastly, his soul, i.e. physical, mental, academic, moral and spiritualdevelopment. With an unbroken history of one hundred and forty (140) years, it remains the bedrock of academicexcellence and character formation with an array of distinguished “Gregorians” who have left their footprints on thesands of time. Our College has reasons to be proud of her long and strong tradition coupled with its enviableachievements, making it our prayer and our hope that present and future generations will be inspired by the past in sucha way that their own lives will be characterized by integrity and a highly developed spirit which will, in turn, furtherstrengthen the tradition and achievements of the school in years tocome.

Community of Shared Vision

St. Gregory’s College is a community of shared  vision, trained and working together with this common purpose. Open to students and staff of all religions, all economic levels and all tribal and regional origins, the College encourages the model of a unified family, and strives to develop individual talents and gifts within that family, with deep respect for the traditional values of Nigeria. One of the specific contributions of St. Gregory’s College educators is that they are oriented tocertain values. Our colleagues at St. Gregory’s College pledge themselves to the moral development of their students. One of the specific contributions of St. Gregory’s College educators is that they are oriented tocertain values. Our colleagues at St. Gregory’s College pledge themselves to the moral development of their students.

Development of religious principles and moral values is central to the curriculum, not just in religion courses, retreats and religious services. Our religious education is not for the sake of proselytising non-Catholic students but to help develop in all of our students lasting moral principles.

Cura Personalis
Personal care and concern is the hallmark of St. Gregory’s College education. For such a relationship of authenticity and truth to flourish between teacher and student, mutual trust and respect that grows out of a continuing experience of the other as a genuine companion in learning is required. It means, too, being keenly conscious of and sensitive to the institutional environment of the school, being alert as teachers and administrators to the complex and often subtle network of norms, expectations, behaviours and relationships that create an atmosphere for learning. Praise, reverence and service should mark the relationship that exists not only between teachers and students but also among all members of the school community.

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