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Zoom online lessons

Good morning dear parents.
Following from the rising cases, of unruly behaviour (on a large scale) amongst our students during the Zoom online lessons, the
College Management has decided to officially inform you of the following developments:
1. Effective from Monday 11th May, 2020 all students will be expected to join the class with their FULL NAMES used in the COLLEGE REGISTER. It is very important to take this seriously!
2. The College has also set up a team of supervisors whose responsibility is to help look for a way of identifying students who exhibit ungentlemanly attitudes during Zoom classes and report directly to the appropriate authorities.
3. Subject teachers have also been authorised to deny participants who refuse to comply with the entry rule access to online classes.
In view of this development, parents are therefore enjoined to be more observant and monitor their children’s involvement in the online learning more closely. With increased parental engagement, children perform better.
We also encourage you to report any case of abuse on the platform to the appropriate authorities.
Thank you for your love and continued support.