2020 Prospectus

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I heartily congratulate you on your son’s admission into the prestigious St. Gregory’s College, South-West lkoyi, Lagos.

The choice of school for your child is an important one and I dare say that you have made a great choice for your child. This is true because St. Gregory’s College has the history, experience and laurels in the training of men of substance. Our Old Boys grace the entire world in the areas of politics, science, arts, sports and religion. Worth mentioning are:

  • Sir Adetokunbo Ademola – Nigeria’s first Chief Justice
  • Justice A. Taylor – Former Chief Justice of Ghana
  • Mr. Justice A. lnikafe – Chief Justice of Nigeria
  • Archbishop Aggey – Archbishop of Lagos
  • Anthony Cardinal Okogie – Emeritus Archbishop of Lagos
  • Archbishop George Amu
  • Pastor Adefarasin Paul – Founder, House on the Rock Church
  • Professor Nelson Oyesika – World Renowned Neurosurgeon
  • Professor Theo Ogunbiyi – Surgeon / Proctologist
  • Professor Boniface George


  • Chief Charles Sankey
  • Mr. Stephen Oronsanye
  • Ladi Akintola
  • Bode Agusto


  • Hon. Afolabi – Former Deputy Speaker, House of Representative
  • Victor Akpan – Senator
  • Etaomi A. Ani – Federal Minister of Finance
  • Funso Williams – Former Lagos State Gubernatorial Candidate
  • Jimi Agbaje – Former Lagos State Gubernatorial Candidate


  • David Dale – International Artist who has exhibited throughout the world
  • Edwin Inyang – Winner of the Sharkar International Competition in India
  • Nwa Usen
  • Sir Victor Nwaifo

However, this list of great men will be incomplete without your son’s name!!!

You are, therefore, welcome to St. Gregory’s College, Lagos.

Yours faithfully,

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ayeni

Our vision is spelt out in our College motto: Pro Fide et Scientia (for the Faith and Knowledge). As a Catholic Institution of repute, we bring up students with the fear of God and unmatched quest for excellence; and we are good at what we do!

In St. Gregory’s College, we hold dear the words of Francois Rabelais that “A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be lit”.

In this light, we aim to:

  • Give every child a solid spiritual foundation
  • Develop every child’s potential
  • Help every child to be competitive and bold
  • Create an exciting environment
  • Encourage independent thinking
  • Provide opportunities that challenge
  • Prepare every child to make a difference
  • Ensure self esteem and confidence are high
  • Share hopes and encourage optimism and self-belief
  • Provide opportunities to reflect on life and learning
  • Ensure everyone has a voice and an opportunity to be heard
  • Encourage good health and well-being for all.

The 2017/2018 Academic Session begins on Monday 18th September, 2017. However, all new intakes will resume on Wednesday 13th September, 2017 for A THREE-DAY COMPULSORY ORIENTATION FOR NEW INTAKES.

During this programme all day students are expected to come with their mattresses, clothes and other personal belongings that will serve them during the period. Boarding students are also expected to come with same items and bear in mind that their resumption for the orientation serves also as their official resumption for the term.

In St. Gregory’s College, we have maintained the same decent dress code for about nine decades. Our students use the uniform model stated below:

A. Regular School Uniform for Lessons:

  • White shirt on white shorts (or trousers for senior students)
  • Grey Cardigan (with tie for senior students) for all students except College Prefects
  • Green Blazer for College Prefects (and for all senior students on Mondays)
  • Grey customized socks for all students
  • White tennis shoes for all students

B. (For Boarders only)

  • House Wear: Brown Khaki shirt on Brown Khaki shorts (or trousers for senior students)
  •  Black Sandals.

C. (For Boarders only)

  • Sunday Wear: Customized “ankara” shirt and trousers for both junior and senior students.
  • Black pair of shoes

D. Sports Wear

  • Customized Sportswear for St. Gregory’s College.

All students of St Gregory’s College are requested to always keep a low haircut and without patterns that show indecency.

Daily Assembly: 7:35am-7:55am
Lessons: 8:10am —11am (8:10am — 11:30am for senior students)

Midday Break: 11:00am —11:30am (11:30am — 12noon for senior students)
Lessons Continue: 11:30am — 3:15pm (12noon — 3:15pm for senior students)

At midday break/mealtime, every student has a range of meals for the different days of the week. Parents pay a token of N25, 000 for this package.

This package includes main course, dessert (fruits) and fruit juice/beverages.
In St. Gregory’s College, we are committed to bringing up healthy students!

All students are expected to be part of the College activities from assembly to classes, prayers and meals. The rule in St. Gregory’s College is “Be where others are.”

If for any reason a child is absent from school or college activities due to ill-health and other emergencies, the College Management must be contacted as soon as possible by his parent. On his return to school, a note has to be written to the College explaining the reason(s) for absence.

For students in the boarding house, parents must inform the Assistant Administrator as well as the House Parent of the child and an exeat form must be collected from the House Parent before the child can be allowed to leave the boarding house.

In line with our National Education Policy, St. Gregory’s College observes three holidays annually – Christmas, Easter and summer. The dates for these holidays are usually contained in the Newsletter sent out from the office of the Administrator every term and on the College website.

St. Gregory’s College also partners with some private travel agencies to organise summer holidays overseas for students. Interested parents will be given the opportunity for this package when the time is ripe.

St. Gregory’s College fully embraces the National Curriculum as spelt out by the Federal Ministry of Education. However, we extend our studies to include some international curricula because we give our students opportunities to sit for international examinations like Toefl, SAT, and IGSCE. These international packages are specially organised for interested students.

Parents must note that religious education is highly emphasized in our College as we are committed to giving our students strong moral foundation. In all, we teach the following subjects: Mathematics, English Language, Social Studies, Biology, Basic Science, Chemistry, Physics, Agricultural Science, Further Maths, Christian Religious Knowledge, Business Studies, Physical & Health Education, French Language, lgbo Language, Yoruba Language, Economics, Commerce, Literature in English, Accounts, History, Geography, Technical Drawing, Food & Nutrition, Visual Art, Dyeing and Bleaching, Fishery, Culture and Creative Art, Civic Education, Library Studies and Music, inter alia.

As a Catholic Institution with great reputation, we begin and end every academic session with the Holy Mass. We also have daily worship, Mass and prayers for students in the boarding house. Our daily assembly offers prayer and worship opportunities to day students as well.

In St. Gregory’s College, Students are trained to embrace and work hard for academic excellence. The target of every student is to make distinction in every subject. We believe this is very possible if we work hard enough. Our unmatched quest for excellence is obvious in our brilliant performances at external competitions. We are committed to going higher in our academic quests. Our well stocked College library serves as a resource centre in this quest.

St. Gregory’s College has a very rich history in the area of sports. Our products include:

  1. Cricket
    1. Eddie Hughes – International Cricketer (Played for Nigeria)
    2. Tate Sinia – International Cricketer (The first to receive a century in the game)
    3. Alex Qais – International Cricketer
    4. Dilotu Akerele
    5. Slyvester Akerele
    6. S. Kuku – (Won colours)
    7. A. Nwokedi – (Won colours)
  2. Lawn Tennis
    1. Joseph Duncan
    2. Awo Akerele – Won the Nigeria’sJunior Double Championship
    3. Ugochukwu – College Champion
    4. Okwudionye – College Champion
    5. Archibong
  3. Football
    1. Alex Quist – Represented the National Team at school
    2. Mensah – Represented the National Team at School
    3. Mojidi Taiwo – The goal merchant
    4. David Olurin – Captain of the collegiate team against the UK Tourists
    5. Vincent “Ojo” Gabriel – Prolific scorer
    6. Idowu Williams -The greatest Gregorian footballer
    7. Alex Nwokedi
    8. Tarila Okoronwanta
  4. Athletics
    1. Isaac Ekpeti – Pole Vault Champion in West Africa and the London Athletic Club
    2. Clement Ibisi – International Hurole Champion for Nigeria
    3. Peter Osugo – Quarter Mile Champion for Nigeria
    4. D.V. Sho —Silva – Mile Champion
    5. Rafiu Oluwa – Nigeria’s sprinter in the 100m and 200m
    6. Charles Njoku – Nigeria’s High Jump and Commonwealth High Jump Champion for schools.
    7. Yusuf Alli – Games captain and long jumper. Captained the Nigeria Athletic contingent to the Olympic Games
  5. Table Tennis
    1. Atanda Musa -The Commonwealth Table Tennis Single Champion
    2. Basiovi Lawson – College Champion
    3. Augustine Amu – College Champion

The list goes on!

Currently, it is the practise of the College that a student enrols for his game of interest from J.S.S.1 and continues along that line, becoming a star in it. Professional coaches and instructors are hired to guide students in this regard.

Parents of students in the boarding house have access to their children every last Sunday of the month between the hours of 10am and 5pm.

Our College has an academic calendar that allows every student to go on excursion at least once in an academic session. JSS3 & SSS3 (1st Term), JSS2 & SSS2 (2nd Term) while JSS1 & SSS1 (3rd Term).

Extra-curricular activities such as singing (College Band and Orchestra), dancing (atilogu and choreography), quiz, debates, catechism classes, etc form part of the lives of our students. Through these means, talents and skills are discovered and developed.

At the end of each term, students are given report sheets both in soft and hard copies. Every student has his home page on the College website where his parents can easily access their children’s results using their private pin codes.
Our report sheets give students and parents notes on the three domains of learning, namely, cognitive, affective and psychomotor.

St. Gregory’s College, Lagos, is an Institution where excellence is relished and celebrated. Students with all-round distinction are accorded a special status by the College. Students who excel in character are also given periodic treats in the hostel. Our students always look forward to these moments.

Offences related to disobedience to College rules, bullying, immorality, theft, etc are punishable.
Our punitive measures include kneeling, flogging (maximum of 4 strokes on the palms) suspension and expulsion. Details of these are contained in the College Policy Handbook.

All students admitted into our College must go through a comprehensive medical check at our well-equipped College Clinic.

Our College has a standard clinic that is staffed with a Doctor and some nurses. Serious medical cases are referred to the hospital.

Admission into St. Gregory’s College is through entrance examination and interview. These are capped with letters of recommendation from the pupil’s previous school.

Fees are charged according to classes. Parents are required to settle all bills before the commencement of the academic session or term.

Please find attached the JSS1 bills for 2017/2018 Academic Session.

We believe that complaints from parents can be resolved by the College. Parents are free to make such complaints to the Administrator of the College during office hours. Officers such as the Assistant Administrator, Head Teachers, Sectional Heads and Class Teachers can handle complaints that relate to their offices.

Complaints can be made verbally, in writing or through the College Website contact page.

Orientation for Parents:

The parents of all new intakes (JSS I and Transfer students) will be part of a compulsory orientation exercise that familiarizes them with the life and activities of the College as they partner with the College in the formation of their children. This comes up on the Saturday marking the end of students’ orientation prior to school resumption at 10am.

Parents’ Identity Card:

All parents of students of St Gregory’s College must possess identity cards issued by the College. They would be required to necessarily present them to the College personnel before they could be granted permission to take their children out of the College premises. This is part of the security measures taken to safeguard our students.

Address: St. Gregory’s College Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.
Email: info@stgregoryscollege.ng